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Sunghyun Choʼs performative installations have their origin in the perceptive experience of nature, somewhat resembling the early experiences of an infant exploring his or her surroundings. The recurring themes of his works examine the notions of communication, forms generated from the dynamics of nature, and the relationship between space and sound. Sunghyun Cho studied architecture, media art, and sound, which organically merge in his performative and artistic language, liberated from the conventional genre limitations. His interpretation of physicality is rendered into digital architecture and experimental sound. He is currently interested in meditation and respiratory movements, through which he aims to discover a more extensive quality in sound-architectonic performances. The artist has presented installations and performances in Seoul, Amsterdam, and Tehran, Jerusalem, and has created musical scores for two films presented in the Rotterdam Film Festival and the Vancouver Film Festival.

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Solo Exhibitions
2014 SOLID:SIGNAL, Artspace HUE, Paju
2012 Pulsperation, Gallery O`newwall, Seoul
2012 SIG_1001, FM333.3, Seoul 
2011 Sound Garden, The corporation, Seoul
2010 Media, Yes I am, Shaker gallery, Seoul

Group Exhibitions
2014 Change-Exchange(Korea-German art exchange), Yangpyung Museum, Kyungki-do, Korea
2013 행복의 나라, 양평, Yangpyung Museum, Kyungki-do, Korea
2013 TADAEX03, Mohsen Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 BiopoliticsMedia space IPO, Seoul
2013 The Texas project, The Texas, Seoul, Korea
2013 2013 Pyungchang biennale, Gangwon
2013 Mind cloud, Sungkok museum, Seoul
2013 Artificial, Media space IPO, Seoul
2013 Showcase reboot vol.22, Platoon Kunsthalle Seoul, Korea
2012 FM테레비展: Conversation, FM333.3, Seoul
2012 Heterotopia, 175 Gallery, Seoul
2011 Faces, Hanwha 63city gallery, Seoul
2010 Noise, Pride and Prejudice, Koresh, Jerusalem, Israel
2010 C5.FFKKKKK, Seoul
2009 PM2, Media + Space, Seoul
2009 Experimental Media, Media + Space, Seoul
2009 Art & Technology on Green, Seoul forest, Seoul Korea
2008 The media arts space Media + Space Korea
2008 Contemporary trends Video & Installations Daegu culture & art center Korea

2007 Invisible Sound Seoul National School for the Deaf

Music And Sound
2013Production design, Echo of dragon 용문, directed by Hyunjung Lee
2012 Production design, Virgin firest 원시림, directed by Hyunjung Lee
2009 film scoring, Love in the shadows, directed by Sangwoo Lee
2008 film scoring, Tropical Manila, directed by Sangwoo Lee film scoring
2008 film scoring, What`s going on down there?, directed by Moon Sihyun

2008 Compose, red lantern, four seasons, Sungnam Art center


2014 Energie Latente, Espace des Arts Sans Frontières, Paris, France
2013 Media Future Shock, Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul, Korea
2013 Iran Nomadic program, Iran art academy, Tehran, Iran
2013 SIG_Bodyation, Culture station Seoul 284 (RTO), Seoul, Korea
2013 2013 Pyungchang biennale opening performance, Gangwon, Korea
2013 Mind cloud, Singkok museum, Seoul
2013 NIME(New interface for musical expression) 2013, NIME, Korea
2013 Mayfest, Space O`newwal, Seoul, Korea
2013 Performance art and media festival, Gallery Golmok, Korea
2013 Digital peace, Kunsthalle Platoon, Korea
2012 The 100th anniversary of John Cage, National theater of Korea & Mushroom, Korea
2012 100 thousand poets for change seoul, Seoul
2012 에프엠테레비傳, FM333.3, Seoul
2012 Globe, Seoul, Korea
2010 Noise, Pride and Prejudice, Jerusalem, Israel
2009 Media art club Club Via
2008 Light Shot show Underground Art channel offcity

Teaching Experience

2013 Interective Media, Kaywon shool of art and design
2013 Sound art, Kaywon school of art and design
2013 Audio visual workshop, Kaywon school of art and design
2009 3D Animation, Korea Culture &Content Agency, 2009 July - Nov (English)